Chiara Schreder is an Austrian director of music videos, commercials & short films, based in Beaconsfield, UK and Vienna, Austria.

She studied at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna and got her Bachelor’s degree in Film-, TV- and Media Production.
During a Digital Filmmaking Program at the New York Film Academy she gained a first understanding of filmmaking.

After her studies she became a part of the creation team for a commercial and video production company, where she wrote and directed multiple music videos, corporate videos and commercials. She later joined a Viennese film production company as Assistant to the Producers.

Since 2021 Chiara has worked as a freelance Writer, Director & Creative Producer, mainly on awareness projects, such as the short film “Hysterical Sisters” about the chronic illnesses Adenomyosis & Endometriosis.

In early 2022 she moved to the UK to complete her MA degree in Directing at the National Film and Television school.