“Marionette” (COMING SOON)

(Orig. “Pupperl”)

Format: Short Film

Genre: Drama, Coming-of-age

Length: 20 min

Country: Austria

Year: 2021

Marion leads an unconventional life. While she secretly dreams of becoming an actress, she finds herself being stuck behind the curtains of a puppet theatre.
In order to pay the bills and financially support her single mother, she chooses a highly stigmatised profession: sex work.
Battling prejudices and biases her motto is: “Smile, unless a man tells you to do so.”

Director’s note:
Unsolicited catcalls, humiliation, harassment.
Girls and women predestined and expected to be polite, honourable, innocent and smiling.
Being able to choose one’s profession freely means: “Her body, her choice.”

Kamilla Kuzmina

Maria Christina Felzmann
Isabella Hutsteiner | Michael Glantschnig | Tony Matzl | Franz Josef Danner | Kurt Schreder | Kudra Owens

Writer, Producer, Director: Chiara Schreder
Director of Photography: Heidi Zimmermann
Producers: Sabine Tatzgern, Stella Hofstadler

Executive Producers: Kurt Schreder

First Assistant Director: Verena Graf
Gaffer: Paulo de Biasi

Editor: Werner Brunthaler

Set-Photographer: Kamilla Kuzmina, Dennis Schlaghuber

And many, many more!

In partnership with Cine-cloud

Funded by the city of Vienna “Stadt Wien Kultur”

Kamilla Kuzmina