“The Sound of the Sea”

The water is blue. The sand is soft. The wind is loud.

Format: Short Film

Length: 2:30 min

Year: 2021

Synopsis: The supposedly happiest day of Louis’ year, his 10th birthday, turns out to be an utter disappointment due to the deafening arguments between his parents. Growing up with severe hearing loss, the permanent ringing in his ears reminds him of quiet and calming memories of the sea. Within this hectic environment he has managed to build the perfect escape for himself. Whenever he pleases, he escapes to the imaginary world of past beach days. Ultimately, he finds peace in the quiet hymns of the waves, the silent rhythm of the ocean and musical vibrations

Director’s Note:
Rather than concentrating on auditive elements, the focus should be on the visual narration of the story, while the audience should be made aware of their usual cinematic viewing and listening habits. Instead of focusing on the supposed physical loss, the hearing loss ought to symbolise carefree and peaceful memories, resembling the calming sound of the sea.

Writer, Director, Editor: Chiara Schreder
Director of Photography, Colour Grading: David Lagger
Lighting: Lisa Milkovits
Sound Design: Hubert Haslacher
Production Assistant: Sarah Edelmann

Paul Steszl
Isabella Hutsteiner
Hubert Haslacher

Thanks to:
Katharina Urbanek
Sophie Wagner
Constanze Oedl
Kurt Schreder