Crowdfunding teaser “Hysterical Sisters”

A visual poem about ADENOMYOSIS & ENDOMETRIOSIS in menstruating people.

Format: Teaser
Length: 3:12 min
Year: 2021

Adenomyosis & Endometriosis. Two similar chronic illnesses. Two “evil sisters”.

Written & Directed by Chiara Schreder

Adenomyosis is often described as the “evil sister” of Endometriosis – and vice versa.
Two “hysterical” sisters, two personified illnesses.
Loneliness, shame and lack of understanding shape the lives of many affected.
We want to question stereotypes, end the stigma and break taboos.
We don’t want to suffer in silence any longer.
We want to visualise our pain in a creative context and raise awareness.

Our pain is global. Our pain is invisible. Our pain is real.


Crowdfunding Video Credits:
Studio: Boxquadrat
Director: Chiara Schreder
Director of Photography: Lauren Klocker, David Lagger
Camera Operator: David Lagger
Producers: Sabine Tatzgern & Sarah Zaza
Editing: Chiara Schreder
Colour Grading: David Lagger
Subtitles: Rainer Maly