“Hysterical Sisters”

A short film about Adenomyosis & Endometriosis

Format: Short Film

Genre: Informative, Narrative

Length: 16 min

Country: Austria

Year: 2021

“Hysterical Sisters” is an artistic and abstract poem about the chronic menstrual illnesses Adenomyosis & Endometriosis, that visualises the daily struggles of affected people.

Adenomyosis is often described as the “evil sister” of Endometriosis – and vice versa.
Two personified illnesses, that cause immense suffering and debilitating pain.

Since loneliness, shame and a lack of understanding shape the lives of many affected people, the short film aims to raise awareness, break taboos and ultimately show sufferers they’re not alone.

Director’s note:
The subject is a deeply personal matter for Chiara, as she herself suffers from the chronic illness Adenomyosis.

She wants to raise awareness by drawing attention to both illnesses and giving sufferers worldwide a voice to share their stories.

Even though the title seems to be gender specific, the term “Sisters” only represents the two protagonists, two cis-women.
The supporting characters however, are portrayed by people from various gender identities.
Hence, the project aims to be a voice for affected women, trans men, non-binary folks and ultimately all menstruating people, who may suffer from Adenomyosis and/or Endometriosis.

Poster by: Tim Wikkerink
Photo by: Philipp Schulz

Watch the 1h premiere event (incl. Q&As with cast & crew, as well as a roundtable discussion with medical experts) here:

Philipp Schulz – boxquadr.at

Christina Laas-Smulik | Janine Hickl
Lydia Uroko | Nathalie Kinard | Ivo Wehinger | Cecilia Kukua | Maartje Pasman | Alex Schauer | Jona Moro | Pippa Galli

Narrated by: Joanna Godwin-Seidl

Writer, Producer, Director: Chiara Schreder
Director of Photography: Lauren Klocker
Producers: Sabine Tatzgern, Sarah Zaza

Executive Producers: Kurt Schreder, Imogen Kudraß, Simone Haug, Andrew Toi

First Assistant Director: Verena Graf
Gaffer: Adam El-Hamalawi, Maximilian Hofko

Editor: Luzia Flotzinger

Set-Photographer: Philipp Schulz

And many, many more!

In partnership with Boxquadrat

Crowdfunded through wemakeit